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Here are some photos from my early years - click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

In California at the Marine base - 1956

Seeing myself - 1956

Toddling along - 1957

I'm still an only child here - but just barely. Bill is on the way.

I'm watching grandma Helen feed my little brother Bill

Got me some dandelions!

Me and Mom in Burlington, IA - 1959

Winter, 1959

Me and Grandaddy Bill

Old West playground

Riding on Grandaddy Edgar's shoulders - 1962

Climbing (as usual) - 1964

Jim, Bill & me in 1965

Me and Tish - our 2nd family dog.

Wrestling team, Olathe High School - 1973

Olathe High School graduation - 1974

Family trip to Williamsburg - 1973

Everyone visiting for graduation

Trip to Egypt - 1984

Christmas in Arkansas

All of us in Hutch

My life now:

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